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Lunar New Year 2023

卯年の旧正月を祝うために四川風の年夜飯を拵えた。麻辣兎丁と麻婆豆腐と回鍋肉に、Pimm’s No.1 Cup プラチナジュビリー限定版と國窖1573をあしらった。

To celebrate the lunar New Year of the Rabbit, I cooked a Szechuanese Nianyefan, featuring Hot & Spicy Diced Rabbit, Mapo Tofu and Hui Guo Rou, accompanied by Pimm’s No.1 Cup Platinum Jubilee Edition and Guo Jiao 1573.


It is a great chance for me to try making some Korean and Vietnamese festive dishes.

トッククは、椎茸とカルビを煮込んだスープでトックを茹で上げ、錦糸卵(白身と黄身は別々で)とネギをトッピングしたものです。 トッククを作るのは初めてだったけどこんなに美味しいとは思わなかった。さほど手間がかからないし今後は日常的に作るようになるかもしれん😋

The Tteokguk was made by boiling Tteok (Korean rice cakes) in Shiitake mushrooms & beef Galbi soup and topping it with spring onions and thin strips of fried egg white & yolk. This is the first time I make Tteokguk and I never knew it’s so appetising. Since it does not require much effort I might routinely enjoy it from now on.

生春巻きの具材にバラ肉、海老、ビーフン、人参、胡瓜、もやし、レタス、ミント、コリアンダーとニラを使った。 ヌオックチャムのソースは、砂糖を魚醤に溶かし、搾りたてのライムの果汁と混ぜ、ニンニクの微塵切りとタイ産 bird’s eye 唐辛子の輪切りをあしらったものです。生のニラとコリアンダーが合うか心配だったけれど実際に食べてみたら意外と美味しかった。 バラ肉の脂っこさを和らげられるので相性抜群だった。

Gỏi cuốn (Vietnamese spring rolls) were made by rolling up dampened bánh tráng (rice paper) to wrap the ingredients of choice (I used a customary combination of pork belly, king prawns, rice vermicelli, carrot & cucumber strands, bean sprouts, lettuce, mint, coriander, and Chinese chive). To make the nước chấm sauce, dissolve sucrose in fish sauce, mix with freshly squeezed lime juice and garnish with finely chopped garlic and rings of bird’s eye chillies. Raw Chinese chives and coriander seemed intimidating to me at first but surprisingly I had no problem adapting to them and I realized how they are a perfect match for the pork belly by diminishing its greasiness.


The remaining pork belly were processed into Chashu and used as a topping for ramen.